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Author Topic: The first aerial refuelling in history  (Read 6962 times)


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The first aerial refuelling in history
« on: July 20, 2009, 02:10:22 AM »
Lowell H. Smith (1892—November 4, 1945) was a pioneer American airman, who perfomed the first mid-air refueling (along with Lieuenant John P. Richter), setting an endurance record of 37 hours on De Havilland DH-4B (August 23, 1923). Smith, as the First Lieutenant, with mechanic Leslie P. Arnold, was also abroad "Chicago" airplane, which among two others made the first aerial circumnavigation in 1924. Smith held 16 records for military aircraft in speed, endurance and distance.

Lowell Smith ironically, after a lifetime of pioneering aviation was killed in 1945 when he fell from a horse.

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Re: The first aerial refuelling in history
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More history (U.S. 1923-1957)

And here's a nice picture of the Soviet efforts with the Tu-16... considered safer at first, but proved to be difficult to hook up the wing, so on the 3M the probe was added on the nose and on order in sightline of the pilot, which made things a lot easier on the pilot. I know that it all started with tests with the Tu-4 (B-29), not exactly sure how it all went from there.
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