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best air force in south america

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i think that the best air force in south America is btw Brazil and Peru, mainly cause their pilot have a lot of skills, and their planes they would be though to beat in a dogfigth. >:D >:D >:D >:D

Peru? I would of thought Brazil and Argentina

Well, Gripen, thanks there for "Argentina" :P, but maybe if I talk a little bit about this...

Pilots in Argentina are very good, brave and those skills you would like a pilot to have... but our problem is the lack of new material. We lack of new planes. The best we have are Mirages IIIEA, from the sixties, not even close to a dogfighter; Super Etendard, not so bad for maritimal attacks, and so, but definitely not a good fighter, and performance is not astonishing, good combination with Exocet, proved; A-4AR, recently modernized, but again, lack of material: it is prepared to carry the AMRAAM (AIM-120) which we don't have, and don't think they'll sell to us, it's natural pourpose was not as a fighter, though it would perform very well as one, as shown on the CRUZEX III exercise, two A-4AR from the FAA "shot down" two F-5BR from the FAB (so here is where I am in doubt).
What Brazil has is a really big Air Force, apart from the new AWACS system...

I hope I didn't bored you all with this post...


--- Quote from: Viggen on December 18, 2006, 11:12:19 AM ---Now this is a though question. I just know to little about this subject. I know which one i would choose as a favourite, but the best one is to hard for me to vote on at the moment.   :-\

Btw, welcome to the forum Terminator!  :)

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Which is your favourite?? ;D


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