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Author Topic: Will China and or Russia sell aircraft to Iran  (Read 4500 times)

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Will China and or Russia sell aircraft to Iran
« on: November 16, 2007, 03:03:45 AM »
In Moscow, a spokesperson for Rosoboronexport said she could make no immediate comment on reports that Moscow and Tehran were negotiating a sale of the Sukhoi jets.    For some reason I think Russia will make a sale but I don't think it will be Flankers I think it will be Fulcrums in some form.    It's just a feeling because I don't think Russia wants Flankers even if there flown by Iranians shot down, bad for business.   China might think the same throwing the J-10 there future fighter into the worlds hot spot like in Iran's isn't  the place to start.   They would be badly outnumbered and even if they got the jets tomorrow it would still take between three to five years to get good.   The Mig-29s in general don't have a good combat record so it doesn't look too bad for Russia selling fighters to Iran.   It would be covered better in the world press if Russia only sold Mig-29s, I do think there be advance SMT models of some type. 

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